Staff Blog2020.02.20

Four colors in Nara

Special Fashion show at WOW ( Waplus JR Nara )   2 […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2020.01.25

Chinese group customers visiting Waplus

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in Mainl […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2020.01.15

Quick photo plan at Waplus bus terminal store

Quick Photo Plan at bus terminal store !!   For pe […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.12.05

The unconventional couple from Taiwan

Both of them chose Hakama Plan. They gave us very sweet […]

CampainStaff BlogUpdate News2020.01.01

Special offer for cold weather!

Cold Winter season   In order for you to stay warm when […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.10.05

Hakama rental Promotion Now!

 HAKAMA PLAN with Hair Styling  is available at 6,000 y […]

Sightseeing PlanStaff BlogUpdate News2019.09.24

HAKAMA Rental is now available at Waplus Nara!

HAKAMA PLAN   5,500 yen HAAKAMA COUPLE PLAN   10,000 ye […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.08.23

Yukata rental during Nara Tokae Festival has finished well!

Many customers rented yukata at Waplus during Nara Toka […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.07.08

Japanese goods on sale♪

We sell many kinds of Japanese goods in our shop such a […]

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