What's Waplus Nara?

Experience "Japan" while wearing kimono in Nara,
the ancient first capital.

Japanese culture has been drawing attention from the world of late . Nara is one of the main centers of it, since it is the home to World Heritage sites including Kasugataisha shrine.
"Waplus Nara" offers foreign tourists great opportunities to experience Japanese culture. You can feel the value and charms of it while wearing kimono which is a symbol of traditional Japanese culture.

Not only strolling in a Japanese traditional town in kimono, but you can enjoy the gorgeous transformation into an Oiran(Japanese courtesan), a Japaese princess, or of course, Samurai, which is the most popular attire amongst foreign tourists! You can also take photos in our fully-fledged photo studio, so we guarantee you will able to have good time, even on rainy days.

Come and enjoy the attraction of Japanese culture at "Waplus Nara" when you visit Nara.

Did you know that Nara is the birthplace of Kimono culture?

Many people don’t realize that Nara is the eastern terminus of the Silk Road. As a result, products from countries as far away as Portugal and as near as China found their way to Japan due to international trade along the route. Many aspects of Japanese culture began in Nara by incorporating aspects from lands far away.
Among the imported products to come from China was the kimono. As with everything else that found its way to Japan, the Japanese rendered significant changes to the garment and in time, silk dying also became a traditional art form that originated in Nara. The fusion of the kimono and Nara city is a beautiful thing that perfectly reflects the natural environment.
Putting on a kimono is not an easy task; it takes time and a willing assistant. Wearing a kimono takes one out of every day life and is in itself an experience. Once one is securely wrapped in layers of gorgeous silk, the colors blend seamlessly with the hues of the old city skyline. Come and visit Nara and enjoy a beautiful kimono experience.

Kimono School

We offer kimono lessons in English.Our instructors are willing to help you understand well and enjoy learning how to wear kimono.

You can choose "Kimono course(90min)" or" Yukata course(60min)", and will receive a commemorateive photo of you in kimono accompanied by a certificate of completion after the lesson

You can also go out and stroll through the town in kimono with optional fee.

Why don't you wear kimono, traditional Japanese attire, and experience Japanese culture?

Costume Photo

Transform into a Japanese princess, Oiran(courtesan), or Samurai, and enjoy posing for photos in the studio!

We have a couple discounts and group discounts available.
Put on a costume and you'll instantly become a princess! We also have Samurai costumes for male customers.

When you are ready, we will take your photos of you in the professional studio with different traditional poses and backgrounds.
Please choose 5 of your favorite photos, and receive them on USB immediately. All included in the price.

Kimono Rental

Please come as you are, there is no preparation necessary!
We have [On the Town Plan] and [Photography Plan]

If you are not sure which kimono to choose, please feel free to ask our staff. We will help you find one that best suits you.

We have Couple discounts and Group discounts available.

Isn't it a wonderful activity to do with your family or friends?