Staff BlogUpdate News2019.08.23

Yukata rental during Nara Tokae Festival has finished well!

Many customers rented yukata at Waplus during Nara Toka […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.07.08

Japanese goods on sale♪

We sell many kinds of Japanese goods in our shop such a […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.07.07

Notice of change in regards to opening hours during Nara Tokae Festival

We will open from 12:00 pm to 21:00 pm during Nara Toka […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.07.02

Indonesian artist group visited Waplus Nara!

They are a make-up artist, a photographer, a pattern ma […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.06.11

A wonderful couple from Netherland

They experienced a transform plan into princess & s […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.06.04

This year’s yukata(summer kimono) rental has started!

This year’s yukata(casual summer kimono) rental h […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.06.02

A lovely couple from Brazil

He is  fascinated with Japanese culture and Bushido. Sh […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.02.04

Mr. Iniesta meets Nara

Mr. Iniest is sharing his trip to Nara and talking abou […]

Staff Blog2019.01.09

A Big Group from overseas

2019.01 A large group from Tasmania, Australia Tasmania […]

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