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At Waplus Nara

2020.01.15Staff BlogUpdate News

Quick photo plan at Waplus bus terminal store

Quick Photo Plan


bus terminal store !!


For people who wish to have photos in kimono, 

we offer you a special photo plan at 1300 yen per person.


Simply wear a kimono over your colthes, no need to take off your clothes.👚👕

So it is very quick.😄

It takes only two minutes to get dressed in kimono.👘

👌 It is a perfect photo plan for people who do not have enough time.


A quick photo plan

Include : Kimono, obi and dressing

Exclude : Tabi socks , zori sandals and bag

You can enjoy taking photos with your phone or camera in the store .

You can not go out to the park .


Please come to Waplus Nara Park bus terminal store

to enjoy wearing kimono 👘





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