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At Waplus Nara

2018.10.14Staff Blog

lovely guests from France !!


A couple from France. 🎎🎎
They decided to wear yukata while it’s still warm!
You can see the lady also selected the extra plan and had a obijime (obi accessory) on her obi (belt).
A very very nice choice!


A couple from Switzerland!!
They chose to purchase the whole set of yukata, that way they could just wear it home instead of returning to the shop😎
If you don’t want to go through the trouble of returning yukata/kimono, feel free to check out our yukata/kimono sale at the shop!!

After purchasing yukata/kimono, we will dress you for free so that you can stroll around Nara park in your own yukata/kimono !!

That would make your trip memorable  !!




A picture of our customer.💋
She took a stroll in Nara park wearing kimono.👘
And took some cool shots with the deer! 🦌🦌
Want to take pictures with deer when wearing kimono?
Come to Nara!!




They had their nail polish ready and brought their own hair accessories to match their kimono.
So thoughtful and smart! 😍

If you have your own hair accessories, feel free to ask us to use it for your hair set!
If you don`t have your own, we have many lovely ones for your selection at the store as well.


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