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At Waplus Nara

2019.01.09Staff Blog

A Big Group from overseas


A large group from Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania and Ikeda-city in Osaka are sister cities.

They are visiting Japan as a girl Scout .

It’s their first trip , they visited many places and experienced a homestay in Tokyo and Ikeda.

Before going back home, they chose Waplus Nara to try  ‘ Furisode’.


Furisode is a formal kimono worn by young unmarried women and it has a style distinguishable by its long sleeves.

Furisode is tied with decorative knot on your back.



They all looked wonderful in Furisode !!

Thank you very much for choosing Waplus Nara.





A large family from Mexico.

Thank you very much for coming to Waplus Nara and enjoy wearing kimono.



A super cute group from America

It was their first trip to Japan. Some of them were over 80 yrs old !!

They were so excited about experiencing Japanese culture & kimono.

We always welcome big group .

We are all at your service to trasform you into a Japanese princess and Samurai.

Please feel free to contact us.




A super big group!
They all come from different countries, but all work for the Japanese company Panasonic!
They are standing in front of the famous Nara temple – Todai Temple.
Hope they all had a good time in Japan!!



A large group from Burma
The reservation was for 4 at the beginning, but in the end all of them decided to try on yukata!
Look how happy they all look!



A student group from Korea!
There were 36 of them and many could speak Japanese
Our staffs tried their best to put on the yukata as soon as possible
In the end it only took us an hour to dress them up
Hope they had a decent time at the park

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