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2018.11.03Update News

Tax free shop at Waplus Nara !!

This is one of the Japanese traditional clothing called Samue. 👘
“Samu” of samue means daily works of Zen monks such as cleaning and wood chopping.
Therefore it is said that the origin of “samue” is the working costume.💪💪
It used to be worn only the longer length (to the knees) of the tops without the pants.
Pants are adopted in order to make it more comfortable and active style later on.
You can now get samue get Waplus Nara


🎀Made in Japan🎀

👛Small Coin Purse Made In Japan👛
Great for use and also great as souvenirs 🎁

Handmade Obidome
Obidome is a type of accessory we put on the obi (kimono/yukata belt)
We have lots of Japanese style obidome,

but also have westerns ones such as Santa! 🧛‍♂🎅👹💍💄
It’s so pretty and unique! and you get to decorate it on your bags and anywhere you like as well!!

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