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Staff Blog2018.08.02

Customers from overseas

  2018.07.16 A mother and a daughter who chose to […]

Staff Blog2018.07.03

A cute little guest from Hong Kong.

Her family came to waplus to find the right kimono for […]

Update News2018.06.29

Selection of our used kimono !!

Lately we’ve increased our vintage kimono selecti […]

Update News2018.06.14

Yukata Rental For Summer!! 

Yukata Rental is Starting !! Yukata is a light cotton k […]

Update News2018.06.02

Umbrella rental for free of charge

[Umbrella rental for free of charge] In June, rainy sea […]

Staff Blog2018.05.15

Beautiful Oiran

Beautiful Oiran from Europe It was her first trip to Ja […]

Update News2018.05.02

Kimono Lesson in English

We don’t just rent or sell kimono, but we also te […]

Sightseeing Plan2018.01.05

Wakakusa Yamayaki

Please come to Nara and experience Wakakusa Yamayaki on […]

Original Tour Plan2017.12.19

Cultural Experience

Welcome to Waplus Nara Cultural Experience For one day […]

Update News2017.12.09

Wedding Photo Plan in NARA

Wedding Photo Plan in NARA If you have an occasion to v […]

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