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Update News2018.10.12

Transform into Japanese Princess

2018.09 A couple from California~ ✨✨ They chose the sam […]

Staff Blog2018.09.23

Customers from China

2018.09 A family from China! The kids were so energetic […]

Update News2018.12.09

kimono lecture for 30 people !!

A large group from Netherland! They were about 30 of th […]

Update News2018.09.22

[Authentic Silk Kimono Rental]

Autumn is one of a good season to wear kimono.   & […]

Update News2018.09.13

Lovely Kids in Kimono !

2018.08 Customers that are from Taiwan! They booked the […]

Update News2018.09.05

Obi Selection

Are you bored with just using one obi when wearing yuka […]

Update News2018.08.29

Kimono lesson

2018.08   Want to get some yukata/kimono for yours […]

Staff Blog2018.09.01

A family from Taiwan

2018.08 A super tall family from Taiwan 🇹🇼 The average […]

Staff Blog2018.08.30

Guests from United States~

2018.08 A group of customers from the United States! Th […]

Staff Blog2018.08.07

A big family from Indonesia !

2018/07 A family from Indonesia They even brought their […]

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