Staff BlogUpdate News2019.06.02

A lovely couple from Brazil

He is  fascinated with Japanese culture and Bushido. Sh […]

Update News2019.03.02

Himuro Jinja, cherry blossom

Himuro Shinto Shrine   The Himuro Shrine is known […]

Staff BlogUpdate News2019.02.04

Mr. Iniesta meets Nara

Mr. Iniest is sharing his trip to Nara and talking abou […]

Update News2018.12.03

[Umbrella rental for free of charge]

You feel cold in winter, you may not even feel like ste […]

CampainUpdate News2018.11.01

ecbo cloak !!

New Service at Waplus Nara !! Waplus Nara starts &#8216 […]

Update News2018.10.30

New Kimono selection !

2018.10. New kimono Selection!! Even thought it’s […]

Update News2018.11.01

Lovely hair style

Short or Long hair, we can always help you find the bes […]

Update News2018.11.03

Tax free shop at Waplus Nara !!

This is one of the Japanese traditional clothing called […]

Update News2018.10.12

Transform into Japanese Princess

2018.09 A couple from California~ ✨✨ They chose the sam […]

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