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At Waplus Nara

2017.12.19Original Tour Plan

Cultural Experience

Welcome to Waplus Nara Cultural Experience

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We will introduce some interesting shop for you!


Nara Fude Tanaka

Interesting experience plan is “Making a calligraphy brush” in Nara.

There are many steps to make one brush, but you will  try only the final step.

For this plan, we will  help making a reservation esppecially for Waplus Nara’s customers.

Price (per person): 1600 yen / 30 mins               2200 yen / 1 hr.

Website: http://www.narafude.jp/files/fude_taiken.html

Address: 〒 630-8382 6, Nagatacho, Nara-shi




Gripped Black Ink Experience at Kinkoen, a traditional black ink shop. You can make a Nara Black Ink shaped with your own hand, and bring back home for a good souvenir. It is fun and unique.

Price (per person): 1500 yen / 1 hr.

Website: http://kinkoen.jp/experience/

Address: 〒 630-8244 547, Misato-cho, Nara-shi, Nara




Scandinavian style of small coffee shop, which also has art items and handicrafts for sales.

Please enjoy the amazing space.

Website: https://ameblo.jp/moinaramati/

Closed on: Monday

Address: Naramachi-koubou, 11, Kunodou-cho, Nara-city, Nara Prefecture




Cafe Cojika

Original menus are based on a locally-grown & locally-consumed principle.

This over 120-year-old house was reformed as cafe.

It has a very relaxing atmosphre.

This shop rells a lot of deer motif items for your souvenirs.

Budget: 1000yen ~ 2000yen

Website: http://www.cojica-nara.com/

Closed on: Monday

Address: 〒 630-8244 547, Misato-cho, Nara-city, Nara prefecture




The silk cocoon are super cute! You can make a deer or a kitten using a cocoon.

Price (per person): 800yen / 30 mins                   1800yen / 40mins-1hr.

Closed on : Monday and Tuesday

Address: 〒 630-8306 956, Jyodai-cho, Nara-city, Nara prefecture




Yuyu workshop

Only in Nara ! You can make a cute accessory using  real deer  horn.

Price (per person): 1200yen / 30mins                 1500yen / 30mins

Closed on : Tuesday and Wednesday

Address: 29 Bishanmen, Nara-city



Western Style Japanese Food ‘Haru’

Here is a quiet space.  Over 120-year-old house was reformed as a restaurant.

The deep fried shrimp with hamberger steak or  curry rice here is particularly delicious!

Pease enjoy Japanere-style western food at the old Japanese-style house.

Budget: 1000yen ~ 2000yen

Closed on: Wednesday

Address: 14, Nagatacho, Nara-city , Nara Prefecture




Kanna Coffee

In Nara’s ancient folk building, tasting Nara’s dim sum.

Budget: 1000yen ~ 2000yen

Address: 19-2, Nishimirin-cho, Nara, Nara











Kimono Rental


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