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At Waplus Nara

2018.09.01Staff Blog

A family from Taiwan


A super tall family from Taiwan 🇹🇼
The average of their heights is about 180cm!! 😱
But they were still able to find the right yukata with enough length.
If you are worried about being too tall, don’t worry because we’ve got it all prepared! 😎





Student group from Taiwan!
Although it’s getting hot outside, they were still pretty excited to try on kimono.😍
Our staffs had a really wonderful time chatting with them.😆😆
Hope they had a great time in Nara!





A family from Taiwan. 🇹🇼
They chose to take photos at Waplus Nara as their last memory in Japan.
They had a lot of fun taking pictures using all kinds of photo props.


At Waplus Nara, we have many different backdrops and a tea room available for photo shoot. 🍵
We also have samurai swords, lantern, fan, Japanese style umbrella, etc.📸🏮
Make your photo shoot reservation and come have some fun at our studio!


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