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2018.09.05Update News

Obi Selection

Are you bored with just using one obi when wearing yukata?🎀🎀
Come chech this out!😎😎
Waplu Nara now creating new obi arrangement by using 2 obi!😍

Absolutely instagood, right ?
If you would like to try putting your obi like this, don`t forget to tell our staff!



Yukata with cool color such as blue/green always gives feel of summer. 🍋🍧
And combination of obi with bright color such as yellow and pink usually goes very well.

Come book your reservation , and watch some fireworks with Yukata 🎆🎆



Now it is the most popular period for yukata rental.🌺🌼🌸
We know many people are worried that the pattern is too much because usually their fashion style is more simple.
But don’t worry! You can always try it on before you decide on the yukata. 👌



Male Yukata are usually more plain and simple compared to Female Yukata.
But this time we have prepared new selection with more colorful patterns! 😎
Don’t forget to pay us a visit and check out the new items!


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