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At Waplus Nara

2018.08.30Staff Blog

Guests from United States~


A group of customers from the United States!
They took a taxi from Kyoto to Nara!!! 😲😲
They learned some Japanese when our staff members helped put on their yukata. 💗
It was so much fun, and the little boys were so energetic when taking pictures!
Below is a picture of the mom, look how pretty she looks in this Yukata!



Guests from Australia~

One of the ladies hair was so nice so it was a bit difficult to arrange the hair, but our staff member still figured a way to arrange the hairstyle. 💪
If you have any hairstyle that you like, don’t forget to bring a picture of it.






Two beautiful girls from Macao.

They’ve chosen blue and red yukata, which perfectly contrasts with each other!
It’s always nice to pick a color that contrasts with your friend’s yukata color.👭
That way when you take photo together, the colors would be more vivid and pretty 💙



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