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Kimono rental shop Waplus Nara now has the TATE lesson plan!

Kimono rental shop Waplus Nara now has the TATE lesson plan!

TATE is the Japanese Stage Combat, you can often see it in period film when samurai/ninja are fighting each other.
With the professional coaches asistantance, now anyone can learn how to do the stage combat and put on a show!
And you can enjoy the TATE lessons at Waplus Nara!

In order for the participants to have a fully experience, we also provide Haori(kimono jacket) plan.
By chooseing Haori Plan, you get to wear haori when taking the lesson. Doesn't it sound exciting?

TATE Lesson Schedule
・Time: 1 hour

〇Choose Haori - 5 min
〇Watch TATE performance - 3 min
〇Explanation regarding weapons used in TATE - 22 min
〇TATE lesson - 30 min

・We will be doing photoshooting during lesson
・You can choose to receive 1 photo date via e-mail or 1 printed photo as a souvenir
・If you wish to rent a full set of kimono, please come in 15 min early

●TATE Lesson Plan
・Fee: 5,000yen per person
・Content: TATE lesson + 1*Rental Haori (Kimono Jacket)
・Minimum Number of Party: 4 people (reservation only)
・Optional Plan 1: pay extra 2,000(tax excluded) to take home the haori
・Optional Plan 2: pay extra 2,000(tax included) to rent a full set of kimono

For more information and reservation please visit:

WEB https://waplusnara.jp/en/contact/
TEL →+81-742-23-1900 
・Please note down TATE Lesson Plan specifically when making reservation
・Please tell us the date/time you would like to make the reservation

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