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About Waplus Nara★Online reservation available now! Come dress up in kimono/yukata for an authentic trip in Nara!


Only 2 minutes walk from JR Nara Station!

It’s the best kimono/yukata rental shop for peoplewho wants to do sightseeing in Nara.


Come dress up in kimono/yukata for an authentic trip in Nara!

If you make a reservation via our home page, you also get special discount!

Toudai Temple, Nara Park, Houryu Temple, Kofuku Temple,

Nara Machi (Nara Town), Wakakusa Mountain, Kasuga Shrine

Ukimido, Sarusaka Lake, Toushoudai Temple, Heijo Palace, Yakushi Temple…

And more awaits you in Nara!

Once it turns autumn, you cannot forget the beautiful autumn leaves – KOYO.

Since Nara is surrounded by mountains,

there are plenty of Koyo spots (autumn leaves viewing spots).

Many people come all the way to Nara just to get a taste of its beautiful scenery.

Among all the Koyo spots,

Waplus Nara has selected ones that we think it’s worth your visit!


◆ Famous by its historical buildings and numerous wild deer – Nara Park

Nara Park has the famous ancient Kasuga Shrine. Besides that,

it also has other historical temple such as Kofuku Temple and Yakushi Temple.

While visiting these historical buildings,

you also get to appreciate the beauty of autumn leaves within the park.

Furthermore, you get to have contact with the wildlife – Nara deer.

It really is the one place you cannot miss in Nara City!

Not only great for family trip, but also a good place to take a stroll with your love ones.


Nara Park

・Autumn Leaves Season:Late October ~ Early December

・Evening Light Up:N/A

Rokakudou along with some other buildings are open between 19:00~22:00.\


◆With more than 3,000 maple tress! – Tanzan Shrine.

During autumn, you can see more than 3,000 maple tress turning gold and red.

It was built in respect to Fujiwara no Kamatari,

and it listed as one of the Important Cultural Properties.

Together with thirteen-story wooden pagoda,

it is a famous spot in Sakurai, Nara.

Evening Light Up is also held during Koyo season.

Isn’t it wonderful to enjoy the autumn leaves viewing in a quite night?


Tanzan Shrine

・Autumn Leaves Season:Early November ~ Early December

・Evening Light Up:Available during Koyo season


◆The best Koyo Viewing Spot in Western Japan – a place you must go once in your

life time – Mountain Yoshino.

The World Heritage Mountain Yoshino is famous for its cherry blossom during spring.

Its autumn leaves is as fabulous as its cherry blossom.

Another feature of Mountain Yoshino is its large scale of evening light up.

From sunrise to sunset,

you can immerse yourself in the mountain that is full of autumn leaves.

Definitely a must go spot in one’s life time!

Mountain Yoshino – Oku Senbon

・Autumn Leaves Season:Early October ~ Early December

・Evening Light Up:Available during Koyo season

“Waplus Nara”

2 minutes walk from JR Nara staion

Located at the entrance of Sanjyo Street

You can walk along the Sanjyo Street for sighting seeing after putting on



“Tousai Temple””Kofuku Temple””Kasuga Shrine”

And the famous “Nara Park”are all located in walkable distance!

There is also the traditional town “Nara Machi”with all kinds of cute little shops and café!

Waplus Nara has the best location for kimono/yukata rental.

It is the best starting and end point for your trip in Nara!

Why not put on some kimono/yukata, and take a stroll in Nara for views of autumn leaves?

It would definitely give you some unforgettable memories!

We’ve prepared many different rental plans based on your needs (^^)


◆Waplus Nara◆

◆Kimono / Yukata Rental ◆ 

Enjoy special discount by making advanced reservation via our home page!

Noted: the special discount is only for reservations that are made 3 days prior to the actual date.

☆You can leave your belongings at the shop and travel light when sighting seeing in Nara!

☆It’s only 2 minutes walk to Jara Nara Station, and 15 minutes walk to Kintetsu Nara Station.

☆Only take 20 minutes walk to most of the popular sighting spots! (Including Nara Park)


Limited Time Rental Plan!(Until the end of December)

You can easily book your reservation via using our home page.


Kimono / Yukata Rental Plan

Rental Period: 10:00a.m. ~ 6:00p.m.

Content: Kimono (Yukata), obi (Belt), zori/geta (Shoes), bags

Cost: 3,000 yen (tax included)

Online early reservation discount: 3,000 yen


You can also consider our other service such as “Hair Styling (one rental hair accessory included)”and “Obi Accessory”!

※Other Service

Hair Styling (one rental hair accessory included) +1,500 yen

Double Obi Arrangement +500 yen

Haori (Kimono Jacket) +500 yen

And more!


In order for you to enjoy the most out of evening light up during autumn season,

we’ve also prepared below plans:


Extend Rental Plan

By only paying an extra 500 yen, you get to return your kimono/yukata the next day.

Rental Time: 10:00a.m. ~ 12:00p.m. the next day

※There is an 1,000yen fee for every overdue day.

You can come put on your kimono/yukata in the morning,

and enjoy the rest of the day without worrying the time limit!

◎You can also choose the dress up plan,

and bring your own kimono/yukata to Waplus Nara!

Dress Up Fee 2,500 yen (tax included)

→ Now with special price it’s only 2,000 yen (tax included)!!


☆For reservation, please see below information:

・Home Page

→→→ https://waplusnara.jp/en/contact/

・ Contact Number

→→→ +81-742-23-1900


If you have any question, please feel free to contact as anytime!

Waplus Nara awaits your visit!

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