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At Waplus Nara

2019.02.05Staff Blog

Our customers


Nice couple who enjoyed our photo shoot plan.

When it’s too cold or too hot outside, our studio is the perfect place to enjoy kimono and feel the Japanese culture.



Look at this stunning outfit of this lovely lady!
If you have any accessories you would like to use when wearing kimono, don’t be shy to bring it in!!!
We love doing arrangements like this


The cherry blossom tree has became one of our most popular photo spots in the shop…




A super cute Japanese couple!
The boyfriend stuttered when he saw his girlfriend in yukata because he rarely sees her with her hair up!
If you are thinking bringing your other half to experience wearing kimono/yukata, we have special discount for couple!‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Please check for more detail below ↓↓↓




They are from the United States!
The girl spent a year in Japan, so she speaks Japanese fluently!
They boys had some trouble picking the color of their obi, but in the end everybody got what they like and they all look awesome


Chinese Beauty

This beautiful lady came with her husband.
Although they don’t live in Japan, they’ve held their wedding in Okinawa and taken their wedding photos in Kobe Japan.
So much love for Japan!
Hope we could see them again soon and may them have a wonderful trip in Japan!



A beautiful lady from the United States.
She envies our staff member who speaks Japanese, and we envy her ability of speaking English!
The yukata she chose has lilies on it which makes her look very elegant.
Now she is ready take pictures with all the dear and the Nara Park.

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