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At Waplus Nara

2018.12.28Staff Blog

Cool kimono for gentlemen !!


For all the gentlemen are there,

don’t forget besides regular kimono,

we also have samurai outfits for your selection!

Look at the two gentlemen in the pictures, don’t they look cool? 😍


Please visit us when you are coming to Nara.



A lovely Chinese lady from the States
She came all the way here for Tsuyoshi Domoto’s concert that was held at Nara’s Toudai Temple.
She loves Tsuyoshi Domoto so much that she would travel up to 10 times to Japan a year just to see him!

So impressive!



A couple from the United States.
They always go to a kimono/yukata shop when visiting Japan.🎎🎎
We were so honored that they chose to visit Waplus Nara for their trip this time!
She did her own hair and only rent a hair accessory from us!💋
If you don’t need us to style your hair but would really like to use some hair accessory, we have them for just 500yen!
Just let us know when you are getting your kimono/yukata dressed








A super adorable couple from Australia and China! 🇦🇺🇨🇳
They helped each other select the yukata and both of them look perfect!
We were so glad to help them create some great memories.

Hope they have a good time in Japan.




A Chinese beauty who chose our summer yutaka plan 💥
She visited the famous Kasugataisha shrine.
Usually the gates of a shrine (Torii) are red.
If you are thinking of visiting shrine when wearing yukata/kimono,

you could choose color besides red so you look more stand out in the photos!

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