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Where to go(*^-^*)
There are a lot of recommended tourist attractions near WAPLUS NARA.
Let us introduce some of them.

Kasuga Taisha Shrine
<World Heritage>

It was built about 1300 years ago when Nara was established as the national capital. 

Featured by striking vermiloin red structures and so many lanterns, you will find a lot of beautiful photo spots here.

“Shikinen Zotai”

The shrine halls’ bright vermillion columns, white walls, and roofs of hinoki cypress bark contrast beautifully with the green of the surrounding ancient woods.
The serene beauty of the buildings has not changed since its inception.
This is because of the “Shikinen Zotai” ceremony which takes place every 20 years. In this ceremony, the buildings of the shrine are repaired,
the tools and instruments used are renewed, and ceremonial rituals are held strictly according to their traditions.
Through such efforts, a solemn and peaceful atmosphere fills the entire precinct.

'Nino Torii'

After entering 'Nino Torii', the second gate of Kasuga Taisha Shrine, you'll find a deer statue, "Fuseshika no temizusho".
Deer is believed to be messengers of gods.
Look at the statue. Water is coming out of the scroll which the deer is holding its mouth. You wash your hands and rinse your mouth to purify yourself before entering the shrine.

heart-shaped votive tablet

『Meoto-daikokusha』 is one of the fifteen 『Wakamiya-jinja Shrine』in the Kasuga Taisha Shrine precincts, and it's said to that there is divine favor of marriage. 『Meoto-daikokusha』is the only shrine in Japan where married couple is enshrined.

It's beginning of a heart-shaped votive tablet which the great engraver had carved the state of gods of 『Ookuninushi and Suserihime no mikoto』in the Heian period.
Two state have been enshrined together under the same roof since the Kamakura period.
Ookuninushi has been worshipped over the centuries because he is believed to possess special power to help people pair up romantically.

Hope your wishes come true💗💗💗


There are many RICKSHAW of YAMATOYA in front of
TODAI-JI Temple.

RICKSHAW is a two-wheeled vehicle pulled by the power of the person.

I had my photo taken with WAKAKUSA-YAMA Mt. in the back.
It has a nice view!!

I felt like beeing a princess!


When I got a croissant taiyaki at the stall of WAKAKUSA-YAMA Mt.,

Two pretty deers followed me.Wow !! It's mine!


There are crackers for deer in NARA park.

A deer eats these,they are made from rice bran and flour.
So, there will be no harm to deers.


"What are you going to see in NARA?"

~ DAIBUTU, Big Budda, of course !!

One should visit Nara at least once in their lifetime.
We never fully understand it only looking at the book or photo on internet.I

It is difficult to imagine how large-scale the Budda is !
The great statue of Buddha has been watching over people more than 1200 years.

Nara Rurie Lighting up

Come to Nara and vistit Nara Rurie Lighting up.
Write your dreams and wishes on this flower shaped paper .
 And you will get the blue discount passport.
With this blue passport, you will get 10 % off from many shops and restaurants.


SARUSAWA-NO-IKEPOND is an artificial pond which KOFUKU-JI Temple had madefor a religious ceremony about 1300 years ago.

is the commonly used name for Shunie, a series of events held annually from March 1 to 14 at Todaiji Temple. This collection of Buddhist repentance rituals has been held every year for over 1250 years, making it one of the oldest reoccurring Buddhist events in Japan.

The Legend of Sarusawa Pond, Uneme Shrine

In the northwestern corner of Sarusawa-no-Ike Pond stands Uneme Shrine with its back against the Torii gate. 
It is said that the shrine was constructed to console the soul of Uneme,who had drowned herself in the pond out of disappointment in love with an emperor. 

Since the shrine could not directly face the pond out of sadness
caused by her suicide,
it turned around overnight.
What a sad story…

Uneme Matsuri(Festival for the Consolation of Uneme) is held every year on the harvest moon in September to console her spirit.Children and "Uneme" girls, who carry big flower fans decorated with the seven autumn flowers, start parading the streets in Nara City at 5:00p.m.A dragon-headed boat is floated on the Sarusawa Pond at 7:00 p.m., with the flower fan and its carriers on board. The boat goes around the pond and finally the fan is put down on the pond.

Nigatsu-do (The hall of the second month)

We can get the whole view of the Nara city from Todai-ji Temple Nigatsu do.

And we can see also the roof of the Great Buddha hall.
I just came here in the daytime, .
the night view seems to be splendid too.
It feels good to go on a date at night.
( At first I need to find a boyfriend ! )
Anyway I will come back to see Shuni-e (Omizuto-ri) at Todai-ji Temole next month.

' Kyokkaen Nakachaho '

They started the tea shop in Nara over 100 years ago .

This is the only shop where you can buy the Yamato cha, a special tea made with tea leaves harvested in Nara.

You can enjoy an authentic creamy cappuccino with a rich flavor.
The shop owner will show you how to make the Japanese tea in English.

The shop is over 200-year-old!
It is a must see !
The wooden structures are amazing, not dissimilar to the ones used in the Edo period.


This is Nan-en-dou,the Southern Octagonal Hall .

It is one of the buildings of Kofukuji temple complex, along with the five-storied pagoda.

The southern Octagonal hall is significant not only because of its beautiful octagnal structure,
but also it is the ninth station of the West Japan thirty-three temple pilgrimage route.

The five storied-pagoda

It was originally erected in 730
by Emperor Komyo, daughter of Kofukuji’s patron, Fujiwa no Fuhito.
At a total height of 50.1 meters, it is the second tallest wooden pagoda in Japan.
Famous for its deep eaves, the structure successfully blends references to Nara-period architecture with the dynamic architectural style of the medieval period.
The original Nara-period building is thought have risen to a height of around 45 meters,making it the tallest man-made in Japan at the time.

There also are a lot of delicious restaurant  &  souvenir shops.
Let us take a look.


A noodle restaurant, Men-tou-an.They are often covered by the media for its famous "Kinchaku Udon noodles," which is a big drawstring bag shaped"age." (a-ge/=dried tofu) with noodles inside! 

Don't worry, if you are wearing kimono and trying to eat it.They will lend you an apron so that the soup won't get you.

"Cupid", Udon with a Heart shaped "Age.",,

Today I ordered "Cupid", Udon with a Heart shaped "Age.",,
You'll get a pair of chopsticks with a paper fortune if you order this menu.
What love fortune did I get?
The best luck!


In Nara ink stone and writing brush are special products from ancient times.

Old peaple had written with changing color of ink according to the use.This colour is for love letter! In Edo period there seemed to be such a sumi.When I use the sumi, it seems the success rate rises.I wonder it's black sumi in purple series.

AnywayIt would be written many love letters with various feeling by writing brush of Nara.

Café Kanna

we introduce you the nice café called Kanna in nara-machi.
Kanna has lunch and café menu.


`Chagayu` which is rice porridge made with japanese tea, is the one of the famous food in Nara.


`Tai-chazuke` which is surved rice with tai fish.

Both menus are very healthy, let`s try for your lunch!
Kanna is old style of Japanese house that you enjoy Japanese style of garden, too. Kanna also sells Japanese style goods and sourvenirs. They are so kind that you can relax and enjoy your time !!

We would like to tell you more about cafe Kanna.
You may not want to miss Kanna's most famous maccha-chocolate-foudue.

Your body and heart will be warm!
Heal your everyday fatigue by relaxing at the cafe and feel as if you travel back to the ancient Japan!

Dip something, such as banana, chestnut, sweet potato, sponge cake, chocolate cake, dumpling, and deer shaped cookie, into special yamato-tea maccha sauce.
Sooooo good!!At the end, add milk into the souce for surprise!

Persimmon leaf sushi is one of popular Nara local dishes.
Bite size rice balls are topped with salted seafood such as mackerel, salmon and so on, and wrapped in persimmon leaf.
This is the wisdom from the ancients, so as to preserve the sea products in an inland place like Nara.
Not only being easy to eat but also prevents the sushi from drying.
The tannin in the leaf helps work as an anti-bacterial, preventing degradation.Added a distinctive flavor of the leaf, you can eat it without any soy sauce.


SUGI-YOHOEN has an apiary where they make fresh honey on site.

They also produce handmade soap, beauty products, health supplements,
and much much more !
They sell healthy drinks using the honey in the shop of SUGI-YOHOEN.
You can sample the taste, and these are very popular in NARA.

But! This time We focused on this!<Fully ripened kumquat by honey bees>In China, people decorate kumquat in New Year's day for a good luck as it is a happy tree.Of course we tried it at once.We got kumquat power with praying ”May this year be another good one"

By the way,Do you know about these three fruits ?These are "peach", "pomgranate" and "tachibana orange."They have the power to grant all happiness for a women.These are used in common patterns of ladies kimono.

Next Time!Let's take a walk wearing kimono with these patterns!


Kyo-roman Building 2F, 6-4, Aburasakajikata-cho, Nara-shi, Nara 630-8246
Getting here
2-min. walk from JR Nara Station
9-min. walk from Kintetsu Nara Station

Shop info
Hours: 10:00 am-7:00 pm
*Open until 9:00 pm during the summer festival.

fax: +81-742-25-3611